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Diamond Sales Coaching was created to support telephone sales professionals and those individuals who are looking to improve their own business through telephone sales.

At Diamond Sales Coaching we hope to increase the awareness of the importance in correct and continuous training and development of the individuals whose responsibility it is to be making the sales calls.

Craig Bainbridge is the owner of Diamond Sales Coaching and the author of the successful book 'Don't Pitch, Close!' Craig is the creator of the telephone sales coaching programme 'The Three Pillars'.

After 25 years of making sales calls and writing training material for various companies both in the U.K and Spain, Craig then went on to create success within large and small telephone sales teams using his three stage coaching programme The Three Pillars.

Craig is a qualified master practitioner in NLP, also known as applied psychology, and has attended trainings with Anthony Robbins and Dr Richard Bandler two leading figures in today's world for personal development.

"I help individuals who work in the telephone sales industry to increase their skills and knowledge whilst coaching them to develop a winning mindset"
With over ten years of management experience within the telephone sales industry Craig knows how important it is to recruit, develop and continuously coach individuals to become the very best that they can be. When you have a team of people who individually aspire to become better than they were yesterday, then and only then will you develop winning sales teams.

Craig brings it all together with specific workbooks to support anyone who uses the phone in a selling situation. The coaching programmes include the best of today's telephone sales strategies that can be applied in many different Business to Customer calls and offer a supportive and exciting approach to all telesales teams and managers. Craig breaks down what he calls the 'Core Principles of a Podium Person' within The Three Pillars

These training and coaching packages are available as practical study workbooks for the learner to utilise wherever and whenever they need to. Training and coaching is only effective when the individual becomes 'unconsciously competent' in their new skill sets so they are able to perform and utilize the skills without having to think about them.

This is the goal of Diamond Sales Coaching.


To deliver a service that exceeds customers' expectations and to continuously improve all training and coaching strategies so as to better serve the needs of the customers whilst achieving recognition and status of being the leading training authority within the Business to Customer cold calling training industry.