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Study Workbooks

Our study workbooks breakdown the ‘Core Principles of a Podium Person’ within three simple pillars.
  • Pillar One
  • You will learn the psychology needed for success in telephone sales and the best in personal development principles for a winning sales performance.
  • Pillar Two
  • You will learn some of the most effective and reliable telephone sales principles that ensure your continued success whilst navigating your sales calls.
  • Pillar Three
  • You will learn advanced communication skills to help you gain the advantage by becoming more astute and deliberate in not only using your words, phrases and tone but becoming knowledgeable in how your customers are using their linguistic patterns and why.
These training and coaching packages are available as practical study workbooks for the learner to utilise wherever and whenever they need to.

Diamond Sales Consulting

We work with call centres and telesales rooms to increase their productivity and efficiency by working with everyone involved in the day to day running and support of the telephone sales department.

Our consulting model is based on a term called 'Marginal Gains'

With this approach you will witness an increase in not only team moral but your teams winning psychology, staff retention, productivity, environmental changes and so much more. Sales will also increase as witnessed first-hand by using the Marginal Gains principles.

"If any business is seriously committed and proactive, not reactive, to its responsibility to continuous improvement, only then will they recognise that consulting with an outside consultancy does not have to be intrusive or costly but instead massively rewarding to the companies return on investment." Craig Bainbridge, Diamond Sales Coaching 2016.

Think Tank Conference

The purpose of the Telephone sales Think Tank Conference is to empower, support and coach telephone sales professionals and beginners alike.

These telephone sales conferences will be the first of their kind because they are designed to specifically support and empower telephone sales professionals in today’s world. Participants will have the ability to access a panel of experts in their field, live on stage, ready to take questions from audience members to help empower and advise. There will also be unique training sessions on the key issues facing telephone sales professionals today. This unique conference delivers – key note speakers – live group consulting service – live training sessions all based around telephone sales principles and man management strategies.